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Patient Hannah Smith-Keller shares her experience with Dr. McBride and the Safe Mercury Removal of her toxic fillings.

Hannah Smith-Keller

What our Patients have said

Our patients are our priority. We will do everything in our powers to assist you with your mercury free protocols and program.

“I recently removed the mercury in my teeth and the whole process with Dr. McBride was excellent. I received tons of information and was thoroughly educated before the procedure. Dr. McBride takes great care to ensure his patients don’t deal with any unnecessary pain or discomfort. The Novocain shot he gave me was probably the easiest and most painless shot I’ve received from a dentist. The mercury procedure went well with little to no pain. I felt I was in good and safe hands the entire time. The entire staff is very friendly and professional. I highly recommend anyone to visit Dr. McBride if you really want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and real dental care.”

Shukry C.

Los Angeles, California

“This is a fabulous place to get the right work done on your teeth. Lots of dentists can fix you… in the moment and then a few years later or a few after that, their work needs to be re-done because it was substandard to begin with. At this place, nothing is below board. It is the smoothest running machine with a totally dynamic and supportive staff. They really care about you and getting you the best dental care you can get anywhere. Plus, they’re attentive to health and safety, and know the truth about mercury and how to remove those nasty leaking health destroying amalgams with the least amount of discomfort on your part. It’s done right the first time! That’s a big plus. The Doc is incredible and his staff make a home one wants to return to again and again when the mouth needs to be attended to!”

Lisa G.

New Orleans, Louisiana

“2 giant mercury fillings OUT. 4 smaller to go. So happy to have found a dentist I trust with this serious procedure. I actually sat in Dr. McBride’s chair during this visit feeling no fear or worry, just gratitude for having found such a competent dentist – when’s the last time someone said THAT about a dentist visit??”

A.G. Small

Bismark, North Dakota