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About Us

Our Vision

Dr. McBride has been in practice since the early 1970s. His experience with mercury removal has led the vision for this device in safely removing mercury.

As well as being a leader in holistic dental care, his knowledge and experience has enabled our team to deliver our product to the holistic dental community and shape the future of mercury free care.

Dr. McBride’s expertise has shaped the largest group of dentist providing mercury free dentistry.

 MSafe Mission Statement

To enhance the SMART protocol in offering optimum safety and practicality for patient, doctor and assistant during the removal of mercury amalgam fillings. 


MSafe is a professionally designed and patent-pending, mercury-safe breathing system for patient, doctor and assistant. As mercury safe dentists, we all want to assure that everything possible is being done to protect the dentist, staff, patient and office environment from unnecessary exposure to mercury vapor during the removal of mercury amalgam fillings – a comprehensive Mercury Safe, SMART protocol.

The dental office is the only industry using elemental mercury that is not regulated, but there is a growing trend towards its regulation as the public is becoming increasingly aware of this issue, and more and more patients are seeking out Mercury Safe dentists. This makes it crucial to not only make your office Mercury Safe but to also make the dental patient aware that all possible effort has been made to protect them from exposure to mercury vapor.


The system provides individual oxygen delivery systems via identical Nasal Insert Elements for patient, doctor and assistant offers:


• Maximum comfort – Nasal Insert Elements less than 2 ounces in weight.


• Ease of placement and removal.


• Perfect seals created by the Nasal O2 Delivery Assembly prohibits introduction of ambient air.


• Clarity of communication between doctor and assistant compared to the muffled voicing inherent with respirator masks.


• Effective disinfection, filtration and maintenance. Removable in-line disposable filter element to assure no bacterial contamination of tube and bag assemblies.


• Nasal Insert Element allows rotation of patient’s head to better access operative sites compared to the restricted lateral movements of nitrous oxide/oxygen nasal hoods that cinches the patient’s head to the dental chair.


• Ease of breathing as the reservoir bag is close to the breathing assembly rather than at the remote oxygen supply source common with N2O/O2 inhalation sedation systems.


• The delivery system units can serve as well as an emergency oxygen delivery system.

Contact us by calling toll-free number listed at the top of our website page. We can schedule a video/audio chat with you from anywhere in the country. You may also connect with us through our “Contact Us” page which will alert us by email that you would like to schedule a time to learn more about the MSafe Oxygen Breathing System.

Why Choose Us?

Safe Treatment

Efficient safe mercury removal for staff and patient.


Unsurpassed leading edge solutions.


We have over 35 years experience providing treatment solutions.

Qualified Team

Our team has exemplary backgrounds and education.

“We are one of the world’s leading companies providing expertise in mercury free solutions in world-class care for everyone, both dental staff and patient.”